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Food pairings

Frisa Salentina

Frisa Salentina Chef Alessandro The frisa can be savored when drinking the following beers: #PIZZICA: its pinch perfectly matches the crunchy characteristic of “frisa” #AGRICOLA: it cleans up the mouth and calls on another bite With this delicious, fresh dish that reminds us of summertime, we can think of many types of food-beer pairings that can [...]

Pumpkin risotto

Pumpkin risotto Chef Alessandro I suggest you have your guests try the pumpkin risotto together with our BEER IGEA, a golden ale spiced with citrus. With its perlage and freshness, Igea cleanses the palate and tempts you to take another bite of our amazing risotto. INGREDIENTS Carnaroli Rice risotto; Guanciale; Pumpkin; Onion; Butter; Extra virgin olive [...]

Stuffed Arista

Stuffed Arista Chef Alessandro Choose a greasy piece of meat. This can help you to keep the meat juicy during the cooking phase. Suggested beer pairing: This tasty dish is great to enjoy with our craft beer Taranta. PROCEDURE Let the arista marinate with Taranta. It is great for marinating because it is spiced with [...]


Birraccioli Chef Alessandro Birra Salento’s “Birraccioli” are biscuits made with cocoa and beer that can be tasted as a dessert or paired with a “meditative” beer. Their intense flavor of cocoa and coffee, cinnamon notes and honey hints perfectly match with three of our creations. Agricola ambrata: its caramel notes pleasingly pair with our “birraccioli”. [...]


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