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The ingredients


Raw materials need to be thought, found, chosen with the utmost accuracy and then blended, just like alchemists do with the ingredients of their potions.



It flows from the sky to the ground with the disruptive strenght of the nature that caresses the rocks cleaving them at more than 500 meters above sea level. The most important ingredient of our beers passes through the bowels of the earth and arrives at Birra Salento. Each beer requires a different and accurate water treatment.


Our barley smells like Salento land; it grows beside rows of vines and olive fronds. After a long period of research with the Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technology Department of University of Salento, the researchers identified two different local cultivars: Concerto and Odissey – two varieties that have the capacity to reach a very good level of malt quality if grown according to climate and precipitation levels on this terrain. The barley will be brought to the malthouse where it will germinate and will turn into malt.




It is the marring together of scent and perfume notes when Its Magesty the hop embrace the must to create flavor. Delicious aromas and refresh bitter notes located in the magic wand of the ancient plant which is so treasured by the egiptians. Carefully selected in the largest European production areas, hops confer different shadows to each brewing artwork of Birra Salento and protects it by acting as natural preserver. The hop guarantee stability to the beers and allows the preservation of their organoleptic characteristics.


Thyme, myrtle, chili pepper, tomatoes, wild fennel, pepper, herbs dating back to ancient times tentalize the nose and minds of the beer masters. Then, the search becomes an enchanting and slow journey. It is just a stone’s throw from the sea and the inland to the re-discovery of the poorest ingredients and secrets shared around grandparents’ dinner tables, the only ones that are able to pass on the flavors and lost touches required. Each single spice is the protagonist here at Birra Salento because it gives that additional touch that tickles the palate.



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